Hello, my name is Sarah Taoulost.  I am a wife to the most amazing man named Amine. I am also a mother to our precious little guy named Leif.

I was born and raised in a suburb of Syracuse, NY where I suffered through many arctic winters. I went to college for broadcasting and spent most of my career working at a few different radio stations as a Marketing Director/Promotion Director where I was responsible for creating promotional opportunities for advertising clients, I worked with record companies to brand their artists, as well as created fun concerts and contests for listeners.  The most rewarding part of my job was arranging once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for people to meet their favorite stars.  Unfortunately, that all came to an end after about 12 years when I found myself laid off and unemployed like many others in the broadcasting industry and the rest of our country.  My next adventure took me to where I am today, a wife and a mother living in Miami, Florida.  I quickly moved away from the snow to be with my long distant boyfriend and soon after was married and pregnant.   My husband is also in marketing specializing in social media marketing and web design. He is also is both a wine and cigar connoisseur having worked for a French wine import company as well as a cigar manufacturing industry.  So together we have just about all marketing basis covered.

As for my kitchen credentials, I have only been cooking on a serious level for the last 2-years or so.  My husband is always creating tasty new meals and I had to catch up. He grew up with a Chef for a mother; but lucky for me that means I have a Chef for a Mother-in-law!  Also, she’s not just any Chef.  She, like my husband, was born and raised in Morocco.  So, not only am I learning to cook but I am learning amazing Moroccan cuisine and the culture that goes along with it.

As I journey through life I decided to blog about my experiences in the kitchen, as a mother and as a housewife.  With my blog I hope to open the eyes of the many people that a housewife is so much more than baking barefoot in the kitchen. With the Internet at our fingertips the possibilities of a modern day housewife are limitless.