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Mediterranean Recipes - The Housewife Diary

Mediterranean Recipes


Eggplant Rolls

I saw this recipe and had to give it a try.  I have had eggplant prepared a few different ways but never thought to roll it up, what a fabulous idea.   Now I’m going to be searching for other things that can be rolled up.  I already have a few ideas.  It’s the simple things … Continue Reading


Wild Mushroom Bruschetta

This may sound strange but I’d rather have a bunch of tapas for dinner than just one item.  Instead of choosing one item you get to enjoy a variety of tastes and textures.  What’s not to like about that?  If you are a mushroom lover, like myself, you will love this bruschetta.  This bruschetta makes … Continue Reading


Chicken with Lemon and Garlic

When I was a kid my family told me that I would turn into a chicken because I ate it so much.  Well, I’m still eating chicken and thankfully I haven’t grown feathers.  This Chicken with Lemon and Garlic calls for preserved lemon.  If you’re not familiar preserved lemons are used in a lot of … Continue Reading



This is definitely a creation of my husband, Amine, he is a fish & seafood lover.  He enjoys checking out our local fish markets and seeing what they’ve caught for the day.  Where he grew up in Morocco it was customary to visit the local fish market to select that days fresh fish to prepare … Continue Reading


Sauteed Mussels with Garlic


There are so many ways these Sauteed Mussels with Garlic can be served.  You can stick some toothpicks in them and serve as an appetizer. You could also serve over pasta or rice as an entree.  No worries if you can’t find fresh mussels in your area,  the frozen ones will work just fine. Sauteed … Continue Reading


Tilapia with Saffron Risotto


This was a creation of my husband, Amine.  I was only in the kitchen to cook the rice, chop the ingredients and clean up the mess.  Amine is a wonderful cook; however, the kitchen always looks like a tornado hit it when he’s finished.  But we have an agreement that when he cooks I will … Continue Reading


Roasted Bell Peppers & Tomatoes


Since I am doing my best to watch what I eat while surrounded by all of the tempting holiday treats I decided to roast up some bell peppers and make a salad that I can snack on guilt free.  This roasted bell pepper & tomato salad can be served as an appetizer, a side dish … Continue Reading


Moroccan Carrot Salad


Moroccan salads are known to be one of the greatest in the world.  There are an endless variety of Moroccan salads and keeping with healthy tradition they are always made from fresh ingredients.  I have found that the Moroccan Carrot Salad is a great side dish, appetizer or even just a snack.  I promise you … Continue Reading


Potato & Carrot Soup with Thyme


This is a delicious soup that my mother-in-law makes for Leif when he visits.  It’s delicious and perfect now that it’s getting cold where most of you live.  Why have a processed soup from a can when there are so many delicious recipes that are so easy to make.   The next time you’re grocery shopping … Continue Reading


Bass Fish Charmoula


For my husbands birthday we went to his mother’s house where she cooked a delicious Bass Charmoula dish.  As you probably know by now my mother-in-law, Feirouz, is a Moroccan Chef and is also my mentor in the kitchen.  I will typically tolerate tilapia and very seldom do I find other types of fish that … Continue Reading

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